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rbscreenToday I’ve decided to archive the blog.

Sadly, with work and other life commitments it’s been quite difficult to keep updating with content here and rather than let things stagnate I’ve made the decision to stop blogging via this site.

I’ll will, however, keep the blog up for as long as I can afford to for google searches etc, and will also be blogging regularly via Tumblr at the same URL

This way I can more easily repost the content I love along with personal updates using a popular platform almost everybody engages with.

Thanks for sticking with me over the last 4 years.

Keep it tight, keep it secure, keep it kinky!



Honestly, I’ve yet to have a great nights rest in a sleepsack. What little sleep I do normally get is down to the exhaustion of a heavy session prior to being sacked for the night. Not that my complaint inspires much sympathy out of most tops! And I have to say, there is something very pleasurable about waking up in bondage. The hazy feeling as your consciousness returns but the ability to move head and limbs being strangely vacant, is a VERY unique sensation. A moment of complete confusion and powerlessness.

You should definitely try it!



A new year starts and it’s time to get back into blogging.

Thanks to all who got in touch during my absence. I guess work and life just took hold, and whilst I don’t have as much time to update, (student days are well and truly over :( ) I’ll be doing my best to add content from time to time in 2014. As usual, this will include a highlight of hot bondage and kink from around the web and personal updates, although with the porn universe that is Tumblr there’s such an abundance of bondage and kink porn around. Whilst this is great, sometimes it can be an overload. I’ve always liked to think that my blog could be a more concise and curated platform for the things that get me hard. Nothing more. It’s a vanity project for me alone, but if you get some pleasure out of it also, even better.

For a daily steam of related images and videos you can still follow me on tumblr at

I’ve also created a new Tumblr blog for my various “gear” fetishes. I’ve got a thing for attractive guys wearing all sorts of gear. Skin, Rubber, Leather, Uniforms, Suits, Sports etc. This blog features less sex, less bondage, just guys looking hot in gear that pushes my buttons. If it does the same for you then do follow.

I’m also still tweeting from time to time.

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is filled with even hotter, more depraved and just down right awesome kinky play.



By popular demand, here’s the second and sadly last part of Josh’s story out on the web.

Rubber DogSTORY: Josh’s Debt part 2
Written by boundpgh

Josh had horrible dreams. Dreams of growling dogs chasing him and attacking. He tried to run but he was being held by a great beast of a man. The dogs were getting closer and closer until finally…

Pup-Josh woke up. He looked around confused. It had been a dream. There were no dogs chasing him. But the horror of what had happened came flooding back. He was locked in a rubber dog suit, unable to speak and barely able to move, locked in a steel cage in an unknown windowless dark place.

But pup-Josh wasn’t alone. In the cramped cage with him was Jason – his best friend. At least Jason was his best friend. After what Jason had did to him the night before, he wasn’t sure what the world was coming to.

Pup-Josh had to escape. He sat up on all fours. But how? Through the dim light he could see that his hands were encased in some sort of rubber mitts that turned his hands into paws and making them virtually useless. But even if pup-Josh could use his hands he still couldn’t get to the tight, unforgiving leather buckles, as he could not undo them due to the padlocks that kept each firmly secured.

Feeling hopeless – pup-Josh sat back and felt a sharp jolt of pain as the rubber tail that poked out drove the massive butt plug deeper into his sore hole. With his hands trapped in the mitts he couldn’t grab onto the tail and the plug was too big to force out on its own.

Pup-Josh began to scream into his muzzle. He began pounding against the locked cage. He was filled with anger and fear – not truly knowing what he was doing.



These photos have been floating around on Tumblr for a while but they represent such a big fantasy of mine I thought I’d gather them together in a post. It’s such a hot image. Being head to toe rubber and kept on a leash by a beautiful man in his full leather uniform. Anyone with me? Woof indeed!

I’d like to credit but I don’t know who they are or who took them. Do you?

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Rubber PupSTORY: Josh’s Debt
Written by boundpgh

Perfection. Thats what Josh saw everytime he looked in the mirror. Perfect face. Perfect hair. Perfect chest. Perfect legs. Perfect ass. And perfect dick. Josh’s dick should not be overlooked and really couldn’t be. At 8 inches hard and thick, women never forgot it…Josh made sure of that.

Josh turned on the shower and started a good lather. Josh was the ladies man of campus. A modern adonis, he had the looks and personality that made ladies swoon (and some men…). He and his best buddy Jason had been captain’s of the swim team and were known as an unstoppable team…both wealthy, charming and good looking; they both got what they wanted and lived on the edge.

Josh stepped out of the shower and unfogged the mirror. He reached for the shaving cream and razor. His baby face rarely needed a shave, but he had a bit of hair on his chest that needed tending to. Years of swimming had made Josh love a smooth body. The only hair he had was his curly blonde locks on his head and crotch. After taking care of the offending hair Josh pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and headed to the closet.

He wasn’t sure what to wear tonight. If it was an ordinary night he’d put on his tight jeans, a tight shirt and leave it at that. By the end of the night he was usually wearing nothing and on top of the sheets… But tonight he was meeting with Eddie.

Both Josh and Jason loved bar hopping, chasing tail and living dangerously. Most people thought the two were brothers… During one night of debauchery, Andy and Jason wandered into a bar neither had ever been in. Inside were guys in expensive suits and even hotter women. After having an uncharacteristically tough night with the ladies, the duo was about to leave when someone offered to by the boys a drink.



It’s quite a cool, chilled out track and the video has rather dark thoughtful themes. Always good to see some latex in surprising places.


BikerA Hell Of A Way To Earn A Living
by Hooder

There were three things that made Matthew a very successful rent boy. The first was his cute, boyish good looks, with clear blue eyes, kissable lips and short blond mohican; the second thing was his firm, muscular body – the curves and bulges of which he showed off to best advantage with skintight, ripped leather jeans (which he wore with no underwear), DMs, tight white teeshirt, leather jacket and studded belt; and the third was the fact that every movement, every expression – even the way he just stood – simply oozed sex. He was a natural.

Even though he’d been hustling for some time now, he never tired, as he leant back against the railings, of watching passing guys – and women – glance at him, then do a double-take, and slowly scan their eyes down his tight body, undressing him in their minds. It was not unheard-of for people to walk into lampposts while their attention was on him.

He reached into the pocket of his leather jacket for a cigarette, but his fingers made contact instead with the wad of notes which he’d earned already today. He pulled them halfway out and looked at them, smiling, before returning them to his pocket and taking out the pack of cigarettes. He lit up, and breathed out the smoke contentedly. Life was good.


Matthew jumped as he turned towards the voice by his shoulder – he hadn’t seen the man approaching. “Oh hi. Didn’t see you.”

The man was dressed in very heavy black leathers with a backpack, and wore a black crash helmet through which only his grey eyes were visible. Matthew got the feeling that the man was not young.

“How much?”

“Depends what you wanna do, mate.” Whatever he wanted to do, thought Matthew, the price was going to be high.

“I want to tie you up, tease your cock, and make you cum. Nothing else.”

“O-kay,” said the punk slowly. It would certainly be would be easy money.

“Do you have facilities for bondage?” Asked the biker.

“Oh yeah. No problem.”

“So how much?”

Matthew thought for a moment, then decided the figure would still be high. Easy as the money might be, there was nothing in the least bit sexy about this bloke. Even in his leathers – which were unusually thick, and looked more like industrial gear of some kind – he exuded an air of unattractiveness. Normally that wouldn’t make any difference – business was business – but Matthew had made a fair amount already today and he really couldn’t be bothered with this one. If he hung on for another punter he might get somebody more interestging.