Overnight Rubber Slave
by boyjoe

I arrive at the hotel just after 5pm and check in and once in the room I send a text to my Master with the room number. I strip the bed, fit a rubber sheet and rubber pillow cases then arrange some ropes passing underneath and over at the corners of the mattress to act as bondage points later. I get a text back telling me to be waiting on my knees ready to take his meat by 6pm. I have 45 minutes. I have a shower, douche myself out thoroughly then shave my arse and around my cock & balls. I brush my teeth and shave my face then go back into the bedroom while still naked and lay out my gear. I have brought a rubber sleepsack, rubber straight jacket, waders, heavy gag hood, restraints, electro kit, gas mask, rubber blindfold, gag, tit clamps, a crop, large plug, some rope and three bottles of poppers. I check the time and see it is 5:40 so I get into my one piece rubber suit, thin gloves and hood that has mouth, nose & pepperpot eyes. I lube then insert my inflatable electro plug before locking my cock into my CB3000. I check the clock again, I have 10 minutes left. I go to the door and place some tape over the latch so the door can just be pushed open. I go back to the foot of the bed and attach my collar, wrist & ankle restraints and lock them with five small padlocks. I connect my electro plug to my controller and set it gently pulsating in my arse then padlock a short chain to my collar before having one last look at the clock, I have less than 5 minutes before my master will be here. I kneel down, lock the other end of the chain to my ankle restraints, take a good dose of poppers then pull on my blindfold. Lastly I lock my wrist restraints to the middle of the chain behind my back and I am ready. I wait in a state of excitement having locked myself into bondage that I cant get out of un-aided.

After a while the door opens, the tape holding the lock open ripped off and my Master enters the room. He lifts my chin with his hand so my head is bent right back, tells me to open wide and spits in my mouth then slaps my face once on each cheek. He gives me a good dose of poppers then finds the electro control and increases the intensity a notch. I am left waiting for a few minutes while my Master examines what I have brought and unpacks his bag then changes into his leather gear. He moves the chair in front of me, attaches the lead to my collar then sits in front and commands ‘shine my boots slave’ pulling me down by the lead. I dutifully start to lick his right boot but almost immediately receive a whack on each cheek of my exposed bum with the crop and am chastised for not trying hard enough so I lick as ferociously as I can manage.

Using the lead I am moved over to lick his left boot and he rests his right boot on my back forcing me down lower. I shuffle forward a bit to get into a better position and continue licking but am criticised again for not trying and receive two more whacks on my bum with the crop causing me to re-double my efforts. It’s not long before my tongue starts aching and as I moderate my efforts the right boot is removed from my back, hooked under my lead and used to pull my face hard against his left boot. Almost simultaneously I receive another two whacks and questioned ‘did I tell you to stop slave?’ I shake my head and lick as hard as I can once again but before long I have to stop to catch my breath which is rewarded with two more stinging whacks, one on each cheek of my arse and am told ‘You will keep going until I say you can stop slave’. Once again I continue but at a more sustainable pace this time. I am forced from one boot to the other several times and am soon aching from the uncomfortable position so am relieved when eventually he says ‘that will do boy’.

I am lifted up to kneeling up straight as my master stands, unzips his fly and pulls out his semi hard cock. ‘Suck that boy’ is my instruction and without hesitation I comply, quickly working his fine cock as hard as a rod. He holds my head in both hands and slowly moves my head back and forth forcing his cock further into my throat with each successive rock. I start gagging and he withdraws so that only the head of his cock is left in my mouth and tells me to suck. A few seconds later I breathe in the familiar smell of poppers and after half a dozen or so snorts start to relax and focus completely on what is in my mouth. My Master grabs my head in his hands and again starts to fuck’s my throat but under the influence of the poppers, this time without me gagging. I feel the electro plug jump up another notch making me enjoy being of service. I soon need to take another breath but my Master isn’t the kind of guy that gives slaves a gentle ride and my head is held hard against his groin keeping his hard cock deep in my throat for a while longer and until he judges that I am desperate. Once able, I take a breath but am allowed only the one before being used to satisfy my Masters cock further.

The use of my mouth & throat for my Master’s gratification continues with only the occasional opportunity for me to take a breath which is ok until the poppers wear off and I begin gagging again. Thankfully he pulls out his cock leaving me dribbling and I am told ‘that was fucking useless slave, I expect far better’ and he slaps my face. I bow my head in shame and try to catch my breath while my Master moves away. He returns almost immediately and unlocks then removes my collar before another hood is placed over my head. This is my heavy rubber hood has a gag and no eye holes or nose holes and once zipped up is tight enough to create a seal only allowing air to pass through the breathing tube connected to the gag. With blindfold there was a little light getting past but now I am forced to accept total blackness and my master extending his control over me.

Next, the wrist and ankle restraints are taken off and I am lifted to my feet, moved a couple of steps then turned and made to sit on the bed. I am swivelled around, and then made to lie down on top of my sleepsack. My arms are placed in the sleeves and like the willing slave I am, wriggle my way in before being zipped in with only my caged cock left out. As I get used to the darkness and my highly restricted state I reflect on my situation. I am sealed in rubber, tightly cocooned in a sleepsack, my head is enclosed in a tight rubber hood subjecting me to sensory deprivation. I am gagged with only a limited means to breath available to me, I am electro plugged and in chastity. I have already been shown my place by being made to lick my Master’s boots then satisfy his cock. This is great I think to myself, things couldn’t get any better.

This state of contentment is enhanced when I am fed poppers once again and I quickly become eager for further abuse. This time however the poppers seem much stronger than before, probably since I have no opportunity to avoid or dilute the aroma so quickly become light headed. As I adjust, my attention is suddenly focused on my arse as my plug is pumped up making me moan, then shortly after I feel the electro pulses increase some more. I am quickly taken past the point of pleasure as the pulsating rhythm strengthens until I am wriggling and yelping wildly, unable to resist the effects or influence the stimulation. Then the intensity is skilfully reduced to a level enough for me to cope with but still leaving me unable to focus on anything else, until that is, the tit covers are removed from the sack and my Master starts working on my nipples. He quickly finds my tits through my rubber suit and skilfully works on them until they are tender enough to distract me from the electro torture. My tits are very sensitive, something my Master discovers very quickly and I feel him sit astride of me preventing me from moving and proceeds to squeeze, twist & pull my tits making me squeal in protest and beg for mercy. My begging though is pretty incompressible given the gag however I am sure he is in no doubt what I am saying but none the less is ignored and I am forced to endure the agony. Eventually he becomes bored with working my tits gets off me and first the left and then right tit are brutally pinched as clamps are applied and I am left to re-think my desire to submit in this way.

Despite, or more likely because of my treatment, my cock is fighting to harden in its CB3000 enclosure but is painfully prevented from growing so adding another dimension to my predicament. I am given poppers again and my Master changes the settings on my electro plug until I am experiencing explosions in my arse that is just brilliant. With no reference with which to measure time I have no idea how long I am kept like this but am fed poppers several times. Eventually though, the pleasure diminishes and I am gradually overwhelmed by intensifying of my confinement within my rubber layered world. The time eventually comes when I begin to struggle to deal with my predicament, but hold off asking for release or at the very least some moderation in the hope that my Master will soon take pity on me before I reach my limit. I wait is in vein though and come to a point where it’s just too much.

I am given another dose of poppers but this time I am not helped out of my state of suffering and begin to feel light headed. I am hot and now struggling to get enough oxygen into my lungs through my breathing tube to feed my involuntary activity and start to hyperventilate. Fortunately my Master realises my state and turns the electro off and removes the heavy gag hood but there is no release from the sleepsack and the other rubber hood and blindfold stays on. I am left to recover and soon begin to feel a little better. Things improve some more when my master gives me a drink of squash from my drink bottle then gives me an energy sweet. Once I have eaten the sweet I get another drink and he asks if I am ok now and I reply ‘yes sir, thank you sir’. ‘Good’ he replies and the heavy gag hood is put back on. I anticipate being fed poppers and the return of the electro but I am just left with nothing but darkness.

I lay there for ages and ages occasionally whining a call for attention or struggling against my confinement but there is no response or interaction from my master. In time I find myself feeling a little frightened and very vulnerable as my master’s physical control over me extends to affect me psychologically. I can think of nothing else but my confinement and that it will only end when he wants it too. I am feeling very submissive now and will probably agree to do just about anything he wants to gain release right now. My wait continues before suddenly the electro plug springs into life again and gently brings me around to a feeling of pleasure again. I am fed poppers and the intensity of the pulses in my arse increase and soon I am struggling again and try to call out for release but my attempts at communicating are again foiled by the gag so my attempts to be understood fail. In desperation I fight to break the bonds that restrain me but to no avail. Left with no other apparent option I start screaming to affect my release but quickly realise this is a big mistake as my air supply is cut off. I am lectured about wanting this and not disturbing the neighbours, his short speech finishing with ‘…remember our agreement boy, there is no release. Now are you going to shut up slave?’ I nod vigorously because right now I will agree to anything in order to have my air supply restored and the electro turned down. There is a short delay of a few more seconds to reinforce my Master’s domination and control over me before I am allowed to draw a breath again but my arse continues to be subjected to regular explosions. I take a succession of deep breaths and try to cope with the punishment and am soon begging for mercy again.

There is no response to my pleas or indeed any other acknowledgement from my Master and I continue to suffer this torture. Suddenly I hear him say ‘you are my toy and I am play right now slave’ and realise he is enjoying my struggles. I beg into my gag for the electro to be turned down and am relieved to hear ‘if I do slave you will have to take a forfeit, do you agree slave?’ ‘ Yes sir, anything sir I cry’. ‘Are you sure slave, because it could be worse you know!’. ’Yes sir, please sir, anything sir’ I cry and suddenly the electro plug falls silent. I lay there exhausted recognizing that I have been reduced to something that can be used and abused for my Master’s amusement when ever he decides. As much as I love rubber enclosure and sleepsack bondage, the feeling of helplessness that has overcome me in this completely black, rubber world is suddenly more than a little frightening. I contemplate being encased like this permanently, a thought that soon has my cock is growing again within the confines of the chastity.

My condition very gradually improves but I continue to be denied any interaction with the world outside of my cocoon and frustration sets in. I wait and wait, occasionally calling out as best I can through the gag but continue to get no response. Have I been left alone, surely not? Time drags and I am gradually overcome with the feeling of being un-wanted and become desperate for my Master’s attention again. I am finding it hard to accept that I have allowed myself to be totally reliant on my Master and realise that this slave master relationships has moved on a stage. Suddenly his mobile phone rings and I hear my Master talking but can’t make out what he is saying despite straining to hear. All of a sudden have something to look forward to as I wait expectantly for him to finish. I strain to hear my Master but am unable to pick out his words under my hoods but begin to imagine him lounging comfortably in his leather gear with his feet resting on the bed and sipping a cool beer. I imagine myself on my knees, hands fastened behind my back with his cock in my mouth. I am suddenly enjoying my confinement again and am soon groaning and wriggling to get some attention but am left frustrated for quite a bit longer.

He finishes his call and I am once again I am receiving his attention as the clamps still squeezing my tits are pulled and wiggled. I attempt to escape the pain by struggling with my very limited movement. I am not sure if this annoyed or amused my Master but I feel his weight on me again as he sits astride of my torso making it quite difficult to draw breath from his weight. The tit clamps are suddenly removed and I cry out in agony only to find my breathing tube pinched shut and so unable to breathe. I am immediately reminded of my reliance of my Master’s compassion and quickly settle hoping my air supply will be restored. Despite this my air supply continues to be withheld and my Master tells me ‘you are my slave and will suffer for me, do you understand?’ I nod vigorously and my Master releases my breathing tube. ‘That’s better’ I hear him say before returning to my tits.

The torture of my tits begins once more causing me to recoil and cry out once for a second time from the pain and again my breathing tube is closed as I am penalized for my reaction. I am told ‘You will learn to suffer quietly slave’ as again I nod frantically in an attempt at being allowed to breath again, but still I have no air to breath. I try to settle but am becoming desperate until suddenly my gag tube is released and I gasp to fill my lungs. For a third, forth and fifth time my tits are abused and I am punished in the same way until I am able to control my reaction to my Masters satisfaction. Just when I think my tits are to get some relief, they are subjected to the intense stinging pain of the clamps being re-applied. I resist the temptation to scream with the agony on my chest and am left panting as my Master gets off me.

I am fed poppers, the electro turn back on and once again I am left to wait for an indeterminable amount of time twitching and moaning. Suddenly the tit clamps are ripped off causing me the scream which is rewarded in a sharp increase in electro power that thankfully only lasts a few seconds but is enough to remind me that I need to learn to control my reactions. I feel my Master clip the tit covers back onto the sleepsack and am fed poppers. With my tits stinging from their recent abuse I am rolled over onto my stomach, but with my torso raised up on some pillows so I am up at an angle. A couple of whacks on the bum with a crop gets my attention and cause me to yelp. I receive a couple more a bit harder and as I yelp again I remember the abuse of my tits. Another four even harder whacks follow but this time I bite on my gag and try to keep quite. ‘Good boy, you are learning’ is the response I get this time, ‘now its time for you to worship my cock, but properly this time’. The heavy rubber hood and gag are removed so I can breathe freely again but I remain blindfolded. I sense my Master taking up position sitting at the head of the bed leaning against the headboard and once he is comfortable my head is positioned and I take his cock into my mouth.

My Master’s cock is as rock hard. His hands grip my head and he begins to nod my head rhythmically compelling me to work on his cock in just the way he wants. I have been reduced to implement for his pleasure, my movement controlled by my Master and designed to service his desires. He makes me to suck him quickly then slowly, deeply then less so, sometimes just holding my head with his cock far down in my throat then with its head just in my mouth for me to suck and lick his magnificent tool. He lets go of my head but leaves his forearm over the back of my head so I am unable to lift off (not that I want too!) and I am aware of him doing something with his hands, then I am dosed up with poppers again from a swab held under my nose. In seconds I am driven to suck my Master’s cock with enthusiasm and just to encourage me some more he starts whacking my arse again with his crop. He grabs my hood with his spare hand and plunges his cock deep into my throat in time with the thrashing occasionally allowing me to catch a breath. Suddenly he stops pumping holding his cock as in deep in my throat while he cum’s. He squirts his warm cum straight down before lifting off enough for me to breathe again but without withdrawing his cock from my mouth. I soon realising I am required to suck out any remaining cum and lick him clean.

After me sucking every drop of cum out he removed his softening dick and rolls me over. He sits astride my torso and lifts my head so his cock is back in my mouth and says ‘now drink up boy’ as he empties his bladder into my mouth. Next he gags me again and fits a gas mask before climbing off and I am left once more and I suppose I am getting used to my circumstances as I find myself almost content with my situation and wait patiently for further attention. The taste of Master’s cum and piss in almost any other circumstances would be repulsive but right now the contrasting taste with the rubber gag is strangely pleasant. I surmise that as my Master has just cum he wont want to play with me for a while and settle for another long wait. I hear some movement in the room but cant make what he is doing, but then hear the Windows jingle and realise he has turned on his laptop. I now know he is on-line and presume he will be checking his emails, maybe some SM dating sites and his favourite porn sites. I try to distract myself from the tedium by imagining what my Master is looking at but it is difficult given my discomfort and I am soon miserable again.

I am left waiting for ages but eventually he finishes what he is doing and tells me ‘lets go out slave’. The gas mask is removed as is the gag, blindfold and hood then I am released from the sleepsack. I am sent to the bathroom and told to remove my electro plug and have a piss. I dutifully to as I am told and return to be handed my jeans, hoodie and trainers which I put on over my rubber suit. My Master has put on some jeans over his leather so we wont attract too much attention as we leave the hotel. I am handed a bag and we leave. There is a minicab waiting outside and we drive to a gay fetish club. We go in and after master has paid I am taken into the changing room and told to get out of my street cloths before being handed my hood, some knee pads and a pair of waders from the bag. As I put them on master takes out my straight jacket which is then put on me. After strapping my arms across my chest and fastening them behind my back I am gagged and gas masked before having the collar strapped around my neck. My master changes out of his jeans and revealing his leather jodhpurs and high boots then puts on his cap which with the leather shirt, tie and biker jacket complete his ‘Tom of Finland’ look. He puts our street gear in the bag, attaches the lead to my collar and takes me out via the bag check.

We go into the bar area where master takes a stool and indicates to me to get on my knees at his feet. He orders his drink, and gently guides me in close to him using his right boot then sips his beer and looks around. We are soon joined by another leather guy, my master orders him a beer and they start chatting. I look up at my master which gets me a sharp kick and I realise I am to look at his boots. Another leather guy joins them standing behind me between my Master and the first guyr and suddenly I feel vulnerable. They drink and chat for a while before my master hands my lead to the guy standing who pulls me up onto my feet with it. He try’s to lead me away but resist and look at my master who indicates for me to go with him. I am not sure about this but the guy yanks the lead and I am forced to go with him to the dark cruising area at the back of the club. The second guy follows and I am taken into an alcove with an oil drum in the middle. I am fed poppers and have my arse slapped a few times before being bent over an oil drum and my arse zip undone. I try to resist so one of the guys holds me down as the other pushes his lubricated finger into my hole before working a second then a third finger inside me. I wonder if I going to be fisted but then the fingers pull out and after a few seconds are replaced by a hard cock and I am fucked by this stranger. He knows what he is doing and soon has me reeling with pleasure as he pumps my arse before plunging in hard and cumming. He withdraws and the guys discuss how good a fuck I am. The guys swap places and in seconds I am entered by the second guy while the first feeds me some more poppers. This second guy has a thick, pierced cock that feels just great in my arse and fucks me with a varying rhythm for several minutes making my cock try to grow in my chastity. My emotions are in turmoil, I am effectively being raped but am absolutely loving it and don’t want it to stop. Eventually the second guy cums, withdraws and zips my suit back up. My master had promised me that our play would be safe so am relieved when one of the guys shows me the used condoms before throwing them in the bin. The guys take me back to my master who is now talking to another guy in rubber who is obviously a friend of all three.

My lead is handed back to my master and the two leather guys finish their drinks and the four of them chat for a while longer with me back on my knees against the bar surrounded by te four of them. After a while my master hands my lead to the rubber guy and I am taken into the dark recesses of the club once more. This time though I am directed into very narrow an alcove in front of the rubber guy. The alcove is so narrow it almost impossible for me to get past the rubber guy, not that I want too though. I made to stand facing and leaning against the wall before my arse slapped a few times then my suit unzipped again. Almost immediately a cock enters me for a third time since arriving at the club, but this one is wearing a knobbly sheath. The feeling is amazing as he gently pumps my arse while feeling me with his hands around my crouch. He gently fucks me for what seems like ages before he cums, pulls out a zips me up again.

I am returned to my master who is sitting alone now. I need a piss boy and I am lead into the toilets where I am made to kneel in the corner next to the urinals over a drain. My gas mask and gag are removed and my master starts to piss over me. He is joined by his two the two leather mates almost immediately and I am forced to endure this humiliating experience. The warm piss on my rubber is strangely nice but as my master and the two leather guys finish, a fourth guy moves in forces his cock into my mouth and pisses down my throat. It’s the rubber guy that just fucked me. I dutifully drink every drop. I am lead back to the bar where the four guys order another round of drinks with me at their feet. I am ordered to lick their boots as the drink and chat, occasionally kicking me if I stop for any reason. Eventually its time to go, my master says his goodbye’s and is thanked by his friends for supplying the fuck meat this week and I am lead off via the bag check back to the changing room. We get back into our street things and I am taken off to the hotel. I sit in silence in the mini cab thinking about the club. Three guys had just fucked me without asking me or getting my consent. I had been used on the say so of my master which I presumed wrongly was my forfeit that I had been promised earlier. I looked across at this guy who now controlled me and I felt my cock hardening in my chastity once more.

Once back in the hotel I am allowed a piss and a drink before being hooded and tied down spread eagled face down on the bed. The heavy rubber gag hood is put on me again and my arse of my suit is unzipped and I am fucked for a fourth time tonight. This time though it is a long fuck in inescapable bondage with plenty of poppers and the occasional withdrawal of my ability to breath. My master rides me for ages before cumming then lies quietly on top of me for a while. I hear my master whisper ‘its late slave and time to settle down for the night. He gets off inserts my large plug, zips me up then un ties me. I am guided onto the floor and into the sleepsack once more and zipped in and a pillow is placed under my head.

Thankfully the heavy gag hood is removed but I am blindfolded. ‘I don’t want to hear a sound out of you slave’ he tells me, ‘because if you disturb me you will regret it’. I mention that the large plug now in me may be a problem but am told ‘that is your forfeit slave, just get used to it’. I decide not to respond just in case it will upset my Master and content myself with listening to the bed being made followed by some noises from the bathroom then the light is turned off and I hear my master settle into his bed. I am his slave, on the floor at my Master’s feet, sealed in rubber, restrained in a sleepsack, plugged and expected to sleep. Unsurprisingly I lay awake for what seems like ages half wanting out but at the same time am determined not to ask. I am apprehensive about spending the night like this and wonder why the thought of experiencing such a loss of control is something I had been so looking forward only a few hours ago. It occurs to me my plight is being enjoyed by my Master though, he must be pleased about having his slave in heavy bondage and unable to resist him. I visualize him between the crisp cotton sheets on the comfortable bed and relaxing. I long to be snuggled up with him, but know I am to spend the night in bondage.

I adjust my position a few times within my hot, sweat soaked cocoon to try to find a tolerable position. Its not easy though given the unrelenting tightness of the sleepsack and hood and eventually stop this pointless exercise. I seem only capable of thinking about my discomfort despite trying hard to have some happy thoughts. I become anxious about being able to survive the night like this and consider asking for release but before doing so try to consider the consequences. I decide I will regret asking so keep quite. I wonder how on earth I could have thought that being kept like this could be at all horny so try to convince myself that it is because I am a slave and being in a sleepsack is at times is one of the most fantastic feelings you can have. Unfortunately right now isn’t one of those moments and I am not entirely convinced by my theory. I continue to argue the case to myself though and justify my current discomfort by reflecting that I have to put up with the bad to experience the good and on balance it is worth it. My mind drifts to find myself wondering about the fascination of being a slave and visualise a series of slaves in various bondage positions, some waiting and others receiving punishment, being fucked or sucking their Master’s cock. Suddenly I am ok with my lot as a slave with a Master and begin to relax and dream on. Eventually I fall asleep and surprisingly spend the night relatively peacefully.

I am awoken suddenly however by my chastity being removed. My cock hardens as my Master applies some gel and tightens the electrode straps around the head and under my balls before the pulsating starts. What a great way to be woken up! I am dosed with poppers and am soon shuddering in absolute ecstasy within seconds and my master knees astride of me gripping my torso tightly between his legs. I think he is wanking himself off, something that is soon confirmed when he cum’s shooting his spunk into my mouth. I am immediately gagged and gas masked, he gets up and am left to continue to delight in the electro treatment. The sensation of waking up in bondage and immediately being sexually excited is truly wonderful and I am really enjoying myself. I fed some poppers and left to relish in the imposed stimulation within my confinement when the tit covers are ripped off and my tits are viciously clamped before I hear ‘Its morning slave, and here is your reward’. I am put on re-breathing while he plays with the controls to bring me to the edge of cumming before expertly taking me away again. I get a short while on fresh air again before I am fed poppers, put back on re-breathing and my cock delighted again by the electro. Five more times I am treated to this before being made to cum.

The electro is turned off but the gas mask, gag and blindfold are left in place and I remain in the sleepsack in my post cum state presumably to reinforce my masters domination of the situation. I can hear my master go to the bathroom and take a shower while I continue to wait in my rubber cocoon. When he is finished and dressed, I am let out of the sleepsack and sent to the bathroom. I notice the time on my way, its 7:30am so have spent 13 and a half hours in rubber. I remove my hood, gloves & plug then climb into the shower before removing my rubber suit knowing it will be full of sweat. I shower, douche out my arse before brushing my teeth and shaving. I wash out my rubber and hang it up to dry and go back into the bedroom to find my master has gone. As I clear up and pack I look back on a fantastic night! I feel really exhilarated and content although a bit tired as I check out and make my way to work wondering when I will meet my master again.

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